Information Literacy Pathways

Course-Specific Library Instruction Sessions

These sessions are frequently called “one-shot” sessions. They are one-time, one-hour sessions requested by individual faculty members for their classes. During this combination lecture/demonstration session, a librarian teaches students how to search and find information for a specific assignment using library resources and the Internet. These sessions are based on student learning outcomes, and students’ learning is assessed. These sessions can be taught in the library lab or in a smart classroom. When taught in the library lab, the session can include time for students to practice the search skills they learn during the session and complete a customized library assignment.

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Online Support for Individual Courses

Faculty members may ask a subject librarian to create a customized, multimedia library guide for their research assignments. A library guide can be the hub for an assignment’s myriad resources, for example, Psyc 350: Development of Exceptional Children or it can provide general information about basic research and information literacy concepts and skills, for example, Plagiarism & the Research Paper

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Faculty members who use Blackboard (or any software with a discussion board) may enroll a librarian in their online course to assist with their students' day-to-day research problems and questions. This type of “blended librarian” service is completely customizable. Please contact Barbara Quarton, or 909-537-7553, to arrange this service.

Quick Start Online Tutorial

The library’s online tutorial is designed for first-year students and others who have no experience using our library or doing formal research. The tutorial, which combines video, audio, and closed captioning, offers simple instructions on the mechanics of finding information for college assignments. Quick Start is integrated into USTD 100, an elective 2-unit course that introduces the college experience to first-year students. Students take a multiple-choice quiz at the end of the tutorial to measure their recall of the information conveyed in the tutorial.

If you would like more information about the Quick Start tutorial, contact Barbara Quarton, or 909-537-7553.

Freshman Workshop Series

During their first year at CSUSB, students may attend the library’s Critical Information Literacy workshop series on their own time. Each series includes four workshops taken in sequence, whose purpose is to give students a basic framework for how information "works" in college and beyond. Students take surveys and knowledge tests in each workshop to assess their understanding of the concepts and skills taught in the workshop. See Workshop Assessment Many professors offer extra credit to their students who attend. If you would like more information contact Barbara Quarton, or 909-537-7553.

Graduate Student Workshops

The library partners with the Office of Graduate Studies to offer three workshops per quarter. The one- to two-hour workshops are taught by librarians and include an introduction to library resources and services. The research workshops are taught in a lecture/demonstration style and are customized to the research needs of graduate students. We also offer a citation management workshop in which students learn how to download and use the free citation management tool, Zotero.

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Transfer/Junior Bootcamp

This is an excellent way for Junior students to learn critical information literacy concepts and skills in preparation for upper-division research assignments and projects. Bootcamp is fast-paced and interactive, and students attend on their own time. Registration is required; see the workshop schedule.

Workshop Schedule

For further detail on our information literacy program, see: Information Literacy Program Design Bibliography