Study Rooms

A Pfau Library study room

The Pfau Library has a variety of desks, tables, cubicles, and lounge chairs for quiet study and reading on all floors. If you are working with a group and need to talk, please use one of our Group Study Rooms.

The Pfau Library has a total of 12 group study rooms on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. For locations and descriptions, see the Map of Group Study Rooms (PDF).

Most rooms have whiteboards or chalkboards; dry-erase markers and chalk are available at the Check-Out Desk. Close the door to keep your conversations from bothering others. Group study rooms are for groups of at least two people! Individuals cannot hold a room for a group, and any individual occupying a group study room must vacate it if a group arrives.

Ten of the rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Two of these are designated "Multi-Group Study Rooms," with several tables to accommodate more than one group, so you must be willing to share these rooms as long as a table is unoccupied.

Reserving a Room

Two group study rooms on the 3rd floor (PL-321 and PL-323), two individual study carrels on 4th floor, and two "Multimedia Collaboration Rooms" on the 5th floor and may be reserved in advance. Users must be current CSUSB students.

Reserve a room

Study Carrels

The Pfau Library has 8 locked, individual study carrels available for use on a quarterly basis by CSUSB faculty members or graduate students needing research space. If you would like to reserve a study carrel, submit a Study Carrel Request or apply at the Library Administration Office, PL-2006. Requests are subject to review by the Dean of the Library.